A lot of Solar Firms Pray for a Stimulus Bump For Now

Jumat, 24 April 2009 ·

The solar industry, which during the last months of the credit crisis and economic downturn is more widespread, is hope that after the adoption of the package to stimulate the U.S. last week.

Since October is a challenge for the industry, reinforced the message and pathetic.

Yesterday, First Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar energy, with a projected decline in income in 2009 for about $ 1.8 billion, down from nearly $ 300 million. He also said that the client installation on various projects as a platform for the project. In January, Ausra, a California company, plans to build a large solar power plants, announced that he will return, including the degree Solaranlage distributor, and is included in 11% of the staff. The same previous year, OptiSolar, the initial thin-film technology for solar energy, and have plans for solar energy, said half a sack its staff, the promise of financial difficulties for the project.

Later this year, a number of projects on the problem. Already in October 2008, BP Solar to $ 97 million for expansion in the largest solar installation in Frederick, MD. Almost simultaneously, Evergreen Solar, a company that produces solar panels and photovoltaic modules, to 800 million factory in China.

"Markets have been pressed" pause, "said Ethan Zindler, head of research in North America, based in the UK, airlines analyst New Energy Finance.

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